Friday, January 7, 2011

Shopping at Smith's

As promised I am updating you all on my Smith's shopping trip!  I must say...I am a goof!!!  I didn't get enough of the cereal and got extra of the P&G products and messed myself and the poor courtesy clerk all up!!!  PTL all is fixed and we left the store happy campers.  Ok, so here goes!

Charmin - $6.99 (e-coupon for $3.00 off, paper coupon for $1.00 off)
Fabreeze Aircare - $2.49 (paper coupon for $1.00 off)
Fabreeze Aerosol - $2.49 (e-coupon for $1.00 off)
Dawn Dish Soap - $2.49 (e-coupon for 50¢ off, paper coupon for 50¢ off)
Crest 3D White - $3.03 (e-coupon for 75¢, paper coupon for $1.00 off)
Glide Floss - $2.50 (e-coupon for 75¢ off, paper coupon for 75¢ off)
OB Toothbrush x2 - $5.00 (2 e-coupon for 75¢, 2 paper coupons $1.00 off)
2X - $4 off coupons = $8 off
Total for these items = $3.24 plus tax!!!

Kashi Go Lean Crips x2 - $5.98 (2 paper coupons for $1 off)
Special K x2 - $5.98 (paper coupon BOGO free -$2.99)
In store $4 off coupon
Total for these items = $2.97!!!

Vitamin Water x2 = $2.00 (2 paper coupons for $1 off)
Both for FREE

Grand Total for everything in the picture = $6.76

MCG Coupon savings = $21.74
Freshvalues savings = $23.11
Total Saving = $44.85

Let me know how your shopping trip went!


  1. What does the 2x-$4 off in store coupons mean? I saved $65.05 just buying on sale items with my Fresh Value card but I didn't have any other coupons to use for the food I bought. Also I am many coupons are you allowed for one item?

  2. They had a in add sale that if you purchased 4 of the items on sale (only certain ones) you get $4 off your purchase. I purchase 8 so I got 2 of the deals. You are allowed one manufacturers coupon (paper) per item, however you are allowed to use an e-coupon along with a paper coupon on the same item.
    I had one paper coupon per item and some of them also had e-coupons as well that I had put onto my Smith's card last night.

  3. OK. I will try to keep track of this info. :) I guess I need a notebook.

  4. I am always learning! OBVIOUSLY!!! You saw me at Smith'! The one thing I cannot stress enough is, check your receipt BEFORE you leave the store! I have had so many disappointments after getting home and finding out my "deal" was not so good after all!